'Our mission is to ensure that every man appears good and confident'

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Become part of the success! Gabbiano is an established and fast-growing Dutch clothing brand. Gabbiano products are available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. If you would also like to offer Gabbiano in your store, please send an email to sales@gabbianodenim.com of and contact one of our representatives at the bottom of the page.

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"Discover the benefits of GABBIANO:


What started as an idea during a family trip through Tuscany is now a thriving fashion brand with more than 10 years of experience.

To this day, we share the same passion to make GABBIANO an international brand. Unity and family feeling are our spearheads.

We believe in good quality and we know that every little detail is important. We love challenges, look for new opportunities but always remain authentic.

Collaboration with Gabbiano

Our Head Office & Showroom

Our new 1500 m2 headquarters offers a unique experience for our customers to experience the look and feel of our Gabbiano brand and enjoy an unparalleled level of service. All our departments are now located under one roof, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to requests and questions.


Gabbiano is a Dutch urban lifestyle brand for young adult men.

We believe that men are only truly happy when they are themselves, partly through the expression of their unique identity. Every man should feel happy and comfortable.

By releasing modern and dynamic collections, targeted marketing through the right channels and customer service where the customer is central, we ensure that every man can dress fashionably and carefree.

With Gabbiano you keep self-confidence within reach.